Bally’s Patch operates as a registered Incorporated Organisation. The membership form below can be completed to become a Ballys Patch member and sent back via email or delivered in person at any of our monthly communal meetups of the first Sunday of each month.

Ballys Patch Membership Form

In becoming a member of this community garden, you will help to give all cultures, ages, and abilities in this community a reason to come together, forge friendships, learn and educate – not to mention to grow fresh food! 


1. As part of your responsibilities in becoming a Ballys Patch member we require you to commit to 1 hour of general site maintenance per month.

2. The annual cost of a Ballys Patch membership is $25 per adult (over 18 years).

3. The Ballys Patch membership program follows the financial year with fees payable on or before July 1, each year.

4. As part of our fundraising plan, your Ballys Patch membership will provide you with a Bally Hotel sponsorship card. You will receive a discount of 5% on the cost of any food or drinks purchased at the bar or bistro at Bally Hotel. A further 5% will go to Ballys Patch.

5. We have allotments available to rent on site to members. Enquire within.