Memberships, fees, insurance…what does it all mean?

So you’ve joined a ‘club’.

By joining, I mean you paid your fees, you signed a form or two, you committed to abiding by the guidelines of the club, and you go on to enjoy and contribute to the social, tangible and/or financial benefits of being part of “the club”.

This is generally the way a community club works, right?

Our Bally’s Patch committee has spent some time thinking over the past few weeks about how we make the Bally’s Patch “club” (or in this case membership) work best. Bally’s Patch is under the auspice of the Balgownie Village Community Centre. In return for their generous support with legal requirements such as insurance of our community project, we ask that those who would like to partake in the Balgownie community garden project, first become members of the Balgownie Village Community Centre. This requires a small annual fee of $3 (paid annually) due at the start of each financial year, and helps to support the community we all cherish so very much.

While Bally’s Patch did charge a membership fee with our initiation in January 2014, we will not be recharging this fee for the 2015/2016 financial year. We will however have a voluntary contribution bucket at our working bees where you can contribute if/when you feel you can. Any funds go directly towards helping us continue to develop and build this great project for your community.

Any questions? Drop us an email or join us on Sunday from 9am.


* Working Bee this Sunday August 2 from 9 am. Bring a plate of morning tea and a smile.
* $3 annual BVCC membership due NOW (can be paid to any of our committee members at Bally’s Patch
* Bally’s Patch will have a voluntary contribution bucket at our working bees to help build the project


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