Working Bee Sunday August 2

Join us for a working bee and warm up with some light work, a tea/coffee and a healthy chat!

Come down to Bally’s Patch – located between #5 and #9 Church Street, Balgownie anytime from 9am on Sunday August 2. 

Bring your gloves, hat, water, a smile and some morning tea if you like.

Tea/coffee will be provided, along with friendly people. We usually have a handful of children playing around as well so feel free to bring your kids along to join the fun.

Working bee tasks include:
* Build a 2 bay compost area from recycled hardwood palettes.
* Weed and tidy communal herb beds and food forest
* Plant winter greens / mixed lettuce in communal beds
* Turn and air mixed compost bin
* Check worm farm and address issues

Are you a worm farm expert? Can you help us on Sunday and see how we can make our worm farm work?

If you have any seeds/seedlings you would like us to plant please bring them along.

Hope we don’t have another “arctic vortex” hovering over us next Sunday!


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