Ballys Patch T-Shirts FAQ

How about a travel mug? Kids clothes? phone case? scarf? drawstring bag?

Screen Shot 2015-08-20 at 9.49.57 pm

Then, check us out on RED BUBBLE.

We use Red Bubble as a form of fundraising for Bally’s Patch community garden – and you get great products! There are now 4 designs to choose from on our profile. Our initial designs were available in clothes only, while the latest design (“celery roses”) covers many more great products.

*Just remember to check the sizing guide and measurements carefully before you order any clothes.

Order something for you, for the kids, for a friend, and know that you are helping to develop your local community garden in return.

We have many happy members regularly wearing their t-shirts!

What styles are available for adults to purchase?

There are a variety of styles – unisex, scoop neck, women’s t-shirt, v-neck, unisex tank top, racer back, long sleeved, hoodies (both pullover and zipper), sweatshirts and organic t-shirts.

What colours are available?

You have a choice of 15 colours for unisex t-shirts. For other styles there are fewer choices. After you select your preferred style, the available colours will be displayed.

Is the sizing standard?

Each style has its own sizing chart to help you determine the correct size for you. It is important that you refer to this chart before selecting your size.

Is there any more information about the fabric, the styles and washing instructions?

Yes. Just below the red “add to cart” button, click on i   T-Shirts & Hoodies Info button.

What sizes and styles are there for kids?

The kids selection caters to children aged 3 months to 12 years in a variety of styles from all-in-ones for babies to short and long sleeved t-shirts for 2 – 12 year olds. For details about the sizing and quality, click on the i  Kids Clothes Info button below the red “add to cart” button on any page of kids styles.

Who designed the T-Shirts?

The designs are originals by our very own Rebecca! You will have a unique T-Shirt!

What is the postage cost?

It is about $6 to order just one t-shirt, however if a bulk order is made the postage is much less per shirt. If 10 or more t-shirts are ordered the postage is FREE! If you would like to be a part of our first bulk order, please let Erika know what you would like by the end of October by phoning her on 0413 862 865 or email After the orders are collated, she will let you know the cost which will have to be paid prior to the order being processed.

Can I have some help with navigating the site?

To assist you with your selection go to the Red Bubble site Depending on your web browser, your screen will look something like the image below.

red bubble

Click on either the blue kids t-shirt icon or the white adult t-shirt icon.

If you select the adult style, your screen will look like this showing the Unisex t-shirt. To select a different style to the Unisex t-shirt displayed, click on the little arrow to the right of the words “Unisex T-Shirt” and select your preferred style out of the 11 available. Remember your screen may look a little different to these images depending on your web browser.


IMG_1373Click on the style you want, and then on the “sizing chart” for that particular style.

The available colours in your selected style will then be displayed together with the price for that garment. An example of the long sleeved t-shirt is shown below.


To assist with sizing, which may vary from style to style, please check the sizing chart for your preferred style by clicking on the words “Sizing Chart” .

If you wish to order via our bulk order, take a note of the style, size and colour you want and let Erika know as per details above. If you wish to order the t-shirt directly from Red Bubble, click “add to cart” and complete the order.

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