Update from THE PATCH

Mid way through the first Spring for Bally’s Patch, and life on site is healthy! Have a read below for our latest news.


While the next working bee is not yet set, the ultimate goal for this community garden to have an open “gate” all day everyday for people to come as they please and enjoy the space or do some work where required. Understandably, it is difficult to know what to do if you turn up on site at the moment as the garden is still in its infancy and under construction. I would like to encourage those who have already expressed interest, and those who may be thinking about it to come down to The Patch anytime that suits you to move the remainder of the mulch over the existing mulch, and to pull out any long grass runners/weeds that are visibly growing through the mulch. With warmer weather, comes regular need for more mulch and weeding to keep the grass out of of garden beds. Get stuck in! (More mulch will also be delivered)


Isn’t that the question on everyone’s mind! The intention was always to have the NW corner of the block as veggie beds for individual use – as allotments. In order to best fit these beds and capture as much sun as possible, as well as to compliment the aesthetics and functional use of the space, I believe a circular theme is the way forward. Below is a sketch where 3 circles are divided up as pie wedges to create each allotment.** This could allow for one or two communal veggie beds and the rest (probably 12) individual allotments. Also included is a small area of grass central to the site – think of this as a gathering point which may include some portable informal seating. We can begin to mark out this design at the next working bee (keep your newspapers and cardboard for this!), once existing projects such as the shed and tool chest are complete.

** This sketch is drawn over the current design, where blue area is pathway / foot traffic, green is grass & black lines are garden bed. Take this as a ‘conceptual’ drawing! Though it is roughly to scale.

Concept veg beds Oct 2014

The design includes a worm farm & compost area in the northern (partly shaded) side of the block. Then to whet the appetite a little further, wouldn’t it be great to ‘grow’ these grassy chairs on the eastern boundary and look out over our hard work!

grass chairs


On Tuesday, our local MP Ryan Park, came to The Patch to meet with some of our members and understand more about Bally’s Patch. Ryan was suitably impressed by our ‘grass roots’ efforts to create this project and offered his support through potential funding and his personal efforts at our next working bee! Thank you to Erika Lloyd for organising this, and for all those who attended. Photo evidence below!

Ryan Park photo



A reminder our Bally’s Patch clothing and stickers are available via Red Bubble. http://www.redbubble.com/people/BallysPatch. If you would like to place a group order for delivery prior to Christmas (to avoid postage fees) please contact Erika Lloyd before Oct 31. More info click here


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