Bally’s Patch

Bally’s Patch is a garden and social hub for our community. No matter your age, culture or ability, we welcome you to come together, forge friendships, learn and educate.

What’s Growing?

We proudly grow seasonal produce using organic principles at Ballys Patch. Join us the first Sunday of each month to see what’s growing!

The Patch Story.

See the story behind Ballys Patch.

Get Involved.

There are many ways to get involved and stay in touch with Bally’s Patch.


We have Bally’s Patch branded clothing & stickers, in many styles and colours, available for purchase via an online marketplace called Red Bubble. And we haven’t forgotten the kids of today, there are clothes for them too!


In becoming a member of this community garden, you will help to give all cultures, ages, and abilities in this community a reason to come together, forge friendships, learn and educate – not to mention to grow fresh food! 

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